What brings happiness

Once someone asked me: "What is the most important thing for you in life?" It was a though question. I thought for a while and replied: "HAPPINESS".

Now this question remains to be answered: What brings happiness in life? The answer that I found for this was "satisfaction". But is there any guarantee that when you get satisfied, you get happy as well? NO, there is no guarantee. When you reach to your goals, in fact you satisfy your goals not yourself. Then what about the answer to my question? If we are working hard to have a better salary to live; if we study hard to have more knowledge to conquer the world; if we do sports to have a healthy body; if we eat good food ….all these CAN be the ways to lead in to happiness; but all of us know that non of them and even all of them together do not bring happiness for people. Then what is the answer to my question again?


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به نظر من شادی دلیل نمی خواد که به دنبالش بگردیم.باید سعی کنیم که از هر دلیلی شاد باشیم. every thing can brings u happiness, it depends on how u look at it.


راستش آنقدر اسیر روزمرگي وrat race شديم که اصلا فرصت نمی کنيم که به شادی فکر کنيم . برای خودم شده يه کيميا . اما به نظرم تنها عشق و تنها عشق می تواند ما را مهمان کند به يک لحظه آرامش.برای منhappiness آرامش از دست رفته ام است که حتما دوباره پيداش می کنم.


It is not easy ti find happiness in ourselves,and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. Agnes Repplier


Living in a moment brings you happiness, and whenever you need someone who teaches you how to do that, just look at kids around you!Anyway, I suppose one of the things which makes you NOT to live in a moment is to try to reach your goals (too complicated, isn't it?!).


به همه: به قول هورایزن « ای کاش نوای دل من شادی بود یا آنکه دلم به هر نوا راضی بود»


You are the one who can make it! do not go that far!